“There is a sacred movement in each of us that, if we listen closely enough, will tell us the next right thing to do, the next right direction to move, the next right thing to say. If we follow it’s promptings, our life will take off like a rocket shooting for the moon.”
-T. Scholze

Welcome to Eden Healing Arts

"Men are not free when they are doing just what they like. Men are only free when they are doing what the deepest self likes. And there is getting down to the deepest self! It takes some driving."
-D.H. Lawrence

Twenty two years ago, I became pregnant with my son and knew I couldn’t raise him in the way I’d been raised so I began, at that time, to find a better way. I took classes, read books, joined groups and went inward to find my own answers to my own questions. In short, I began a journey to a better way of life, a life led by integrity, love, courage, and compassion.

My work for the past 20 years has been about educating those who are truly interested in learning a way that actually works. Most of what I teach I’ve learned from my own experiences (I was hard headed that way) followed up with training in several modalities including energy work, massage, breath work, Reiki Healing, Raphaelite Healing and Bioenergy Work. Through the years, I created a cutting edge technique called Completory Counseling™ that combines counseling with energy work. It’s a powerful combination and seems to move people forward faster than traditional therapy alone.

This work is about supporting people in bringing their focus off all that distracts them from what is truly important in life and onto what will bring them ease, fulfillment and for goodness sakes, more FUN.

Most important, my goal is to help my clients get in touch with their own inner truth and support them in following through on what needs to be changed in their lives. To step on the path of your own truth and integrity, takes courage. I hope you will find that courage.

Enjoy the web site. If you browse through the pages and find something that intrigues you or draws you to it in some way, I’d love to work with you.

Tereaz Scholze, OM, CMP